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  • Mui Family • Livermore Family Photographer

  • I first met Alison when we were in graduate school together. Being given the opportunity to take photos for her family this year was such a treat for me. And her kids might have been the most cooperative kids I've ever worked with. I think they followed every single direction I gave! Alison and Milt [...]
  • Grimes Family • San Mateo Family Photographer

  • A warm fall night, a beautiful location on the water, and two of the most beautiful kids out there-that's what I had to work with for the Grimes session :) I can't say enough how wonderful it is to work with families when they're relaxed and happy to just be in the presence of each other. It puts so [...]

  • Project 52, Week 13: Repetition Thank God for the warm California weather, or I never would have noticed this one!  Definitely not a subject you'll often see in my work...  
  • Task 11: GREEN

  • Project 52, Week 11: Green I probably could have chosen a million other "green" items to photograph this week.  But, those green shorties!  Gah!