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  • Cliff Family • Danville Family Photographer

  • Notables • Taking photos of the Cliff family has become an annual event.  I love it when that happens!  • Jessica is never short of ideas for locations and inspiration.  This year she and Darek chose a giant tree swing in the foothills near their house.  Who thinks of that?!  It rocked.  • If a b [...]
  • Branagh Family • Martinez Family Photographer

  • Notables • Don't ever argue with candy as a form of bribery when it comes to toddlers and photo sessions.  • The sky's the limit for good shots at Briones-every frame is picturesque. • This special session consisted of two different evenings of shooting...with clothing changes of course! • I've t [...]
  • Brown Newborns • Bay Area Newborn Photographer

  • Notables • These little guys are an immense gift to this special family.  • Watching an only child instantly become a big sister to TWO is a beautiful transition!  • It's easy to see that these brothers have already developed a strong bond.  • I'd say pine trees and a log home make for one of the [...]