Brown Family • Lafayette Family Photographer

Notables  •I always feel at home when I work with families of boys.  The humor, the energy, the smiles…they’re all SO BOY.  • While we were out taking shots on one of the docks, we ran into some men who had been fishing for quite a while.  While we were concerned about creating too much noise for them, they were instantly excited to share their fish with the boys.  The photos of the boys with the fish show their sheer fascination and delight.  Such a treat for everyone.  •I’m sure you can tell in some of the images below, but the two boys added such a fun dynamic to this session.  The laughter was non stop!  • The youngest of this bunch came prepared with his very own wardrobe change.  He literally busted out a jersey from his favorite Oregon Ducks AND a black blazer for his individual shots.  I mean, could he be any cuter?!  •My husband played college football with Dalton, so getting the chance to take photos of him and his family was full circle for me.  I feel so blessed by how my job has connected to so many wonderful families.

Location: Lafayette Reservoir

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