Freshly Picked Product Review • San Francisco Bay Area Photographer

If you’re currently a parent of a baby or toddler, there’s a good chance you’ve seen all the hype surrounding Freshly Picked moccasins.  And, to be totally honest, there’s good reason for the excitement.  As a mama of a baby and a toddler myself, I can confidently say that these moccs quickly become a part of your daily routine.

Though it’s no secret now, Freshly Picked owner Susan Petersen was recently featured on ABC’s Shark Tank and was fortunate to receive investment from one of the show’s judges.  It’s always great to see a hard-working mama and entrepreneur really make it.

In just the short period of time that I’ve had the chance to collaborate with FP, I have been extremely impressed with the effort and thoughtfulness they put into working with small businesses.  I was quite excited to have the opportunity to try out and photograph some of their lovely moccs.  Shoe obsession aside, these baby moccs are all that they’re cracked up to be.  Some of my favorite reasons why:

• The presentation! Though I may already be a sucker for clean and creative product packaging, FP has nailed it in this category (as evidenced in the photos below).

• The fashion aspect: Who doesn’t love a cute shoe that goes with just about every outfit?!  And the colors…don’t get me started on the current camo leather.  They’re as yummy in person as they are on your monitor.

•The convenience: Let’s face it, when you’re trying to get out the door, it’s more than helpful to have a pair of shoes that your young ones can put on themselves.

•The test of time: The leather on these lovelies is both soft and sturdy.  Though we make efforts to avoid wet ground when wearing our moccs, the leather is proving to hold up to the standard little boy casualties that occur so often.  As a mama of more than one boy, I’m always looking for opportunities to make clothing last through more than one son!

I hope you enjoy the photos I’ve included below-the moccs were fun to shoot! And truth be told, they really are as good as they look.  Congratulations on your success, Susan!

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