Life Unpolished Sessions

It has been a while since I’ve posted about one of my favorite types of sessions. My Life Unpolished Sessions are the perfect way for you to have everyday moments captured. Take a look at my description below to learn more about why I love these sessions so much. And then don’t hesitate to call me to talk about an Unpolished session of your own. I promise you won’t regret it.


Ever since starting my business a few years back, I have felt most strongly about one thing in particular: I want to connect with my clients in a way that enables them to feel comfortable and be who they really are…even when a camera is present. I think families I photograph would say they’ve truly felt this ease during their sessions.  I try to pull back and capture the unscripted, the natural, and the raw-in the midst of what are often energy-filled moments with kids.  There are posed shots, of course, as every family loves a token “everyone smile at the camera” shot once a year, but the candid moments are my most favorite.

Those REAL and UNPOLISHED moments in life are my most favorite.  And they are what  encouraged me to offer a unique type of session to my clients.  “Life Unpolished” sessions provide an opportunity for families to be WHO they are WHERE they are most comfortable: within the walls of their own home.

Your “Life Unpolished” session will very much resemble the name.  It’s me coming into a day in your family’s life and documenting the little details-the ordinary, the sweet, the fleeting, and the unique.  I want to capture you AS YOU ARE and gift you with moments you can always look back on with great fondness.

I’m honored to be able to help freeze some small and important moments for you.  Please contact me so we can plan out your family’s session.  We can tailor our day together to be just the right fit for you and yours.