Sahar & Hanns Engagement Party • Danville Engagement Photographer

Notables  • I loved being with these two again!  Being a part of their engagement celebration was special for me.  It gave me a chance to see the wonderful friends and family they have supporting their new step together.  • Persians.  Can.  Dance.  All night long. Don’t even try to compete.  • Did you see their cake?!  And that was just for the engagement party!  PRETTY event details.  •Sahar and Hanns’ engagement was a little while in making (hence the “Finally” sign), but it is evident that the story they’ve already created together has much depth and devoted love.  • I’m so thrilled for Sahar and Hanns and their wedding that will take place on 10•10•15.  It is sure to be a beautiful day!


Location: Sycamore Clubhouse, Danville, CA


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