Project 52, Week 6: In the Morning

Somehow I’ve ended up with two images for this week’s task.  The first was one I thought about and planned to shoot ahead of time.  Knowing there would be dew on the early morning grass felt very representative of the theme for me.  I love the simplicity and natural feel of this first image.


And then the second image.  This moment just happened-as many similar moments do with raising boys.  I want to forever cherish these days of being at home with my littlest babies.  I’m so very thankful for this phase of tiny bodies and endless pajama wearing.  The sword action in this shot is the energy and zest I get to witness everyday.  And the sweet nose and profile of this little guy?  Don’t get me started.

Thankful that this beautiful craft gives me the opportunity to freeze the details that I never want to lose sight of.