The Little Spoons Toddler Velcro Belts • San Francisco Bay Area Photographer

Hilary Edwards of The Little Spoons had the right idea when she decided to design velcro belts for toddlers.  Getting pants to stay on the waistline of a little one can prove to be a challenge!  The Little Spoons has designed a variety of colorful and easy-to-use belts: a great balance of style and accessory functionality.  Take a look at the photos below and I know you’ll agree.

I first became a fan of The Little Spoons for their darling leggings, but I am equally impressed with their belts.  Their style is fun and fresh and continues to be updated with each new season.  Owner and designer, Hilary,  is as sweet as they come and has been a pleasure to work with.  Visit The Little Spoons today to see the many great clothing choices they have for toddlers!

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